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Pay as you go MRP/ERP/CRM manufacturing management software.

QMS Insight Ltd are authorised resellers and trainers on the 123insight MRP software system covering Northern Ireland, Ireland and Scotland.

Improve efficiency across your entire business with an end-to-end system that provides complete control, visibility and traceability.

Our risk-free approach means you only commit financially once you are fully trained and know the system will work for you.

With flexible licencing and no minimum term contract you can be sure 123insight is always the right system for your business.

What 123insight covers
  • Control

    Engineering BOMs, supply chain, manufacturing, despatch and invoicing all in one place, integrating all departments in one system.

  • Visibility
    Real-time information at your fingertips. Accurate sales, costs, profit and inventory financials always available when you need them.
  • Quality
    High quality manufacturing through detailed batch and serial number traceability, manufacturing controls and parts inspection.
  • Reliability
    Ensuring you always have the right level of parts in stock at the right time with Supply Chain Management and Demand Planning.
  • Efficiency
    Improved internal communication, reduced administration, elimination of task duplication and time saving through automation.

In terms of ROI, it's definitely the right decision to have 123insight in the company because of the capability of the system and the support you get from it, compared with the very small amount you have to pay for it per month.

Mako Boardsports Ltd

See how 123insight will save you time and money.

Financial Visibility

Instant visibility of your order book, invoices, purchases, stock on hand and work in progress, with optional integration with market-leading accounts systems.
View it financials

Batch Traceability

Batch number traceability is inherent and built into the fabric of 123insight. Whenever parts are received, unique batch numbers are generated, recorded and tracked through the system so you have full traceability from creation through to which of your products they were used in.

Revision Control

Structure your manufacturing with revision control available on all your parts and products. Plan the phasing and switch from one version to another with Effectivity Dates, change notes and cutover reminders and signoffs.


Record supplier serial numbers when receiving parts such as PCBs or castings into stock and generate serial numbers for any of your in-house manufactured assemblies. Fully track through manufacturing so that you have the traceability and confidence to know exactly which part, batch and serial numbers have been used in your products, and where they have been shipped.

Multiple Methods

Perhaps you want to manufacture a product in house but the freedom to outsource should you need to cover periods of high demand, 123insight provides the ultimate flexibility through primary and alternative methods associated with your parts/ products.

See the software

Choose from two types of online demos:

  • INFO Exchange: 50 minutes of content, ideal for those that want to understand the basics of MRP. Includes one software demo.
  • Evaluation Workshop: 3 hours of content, including three demos and a Q & A session at the end. For those that are looking for a deeper understanding of what MRP can do for your business.

Both events allow you to see the 123insight MRP/ERP software in a non-sales, no-pressure environment.

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